color Comfort uk4 Wedding Size For Summer High Eu36 Party cn36 Women Gold Sandals Silver amp; Evening Heel Pu Women's Spring Shoes Novelty Haizhen Gold UBnq0P7). Platelets that are activated or are in a low pH environment, on the other hand, lose their discoid shape, and lose their light-scattering abilities. Swirling was initially touted as a simple, non-invasive method for assessing platelet viability due to its correlation with pH values (Bertolini F and Murphy S, A multicenter inspection of the swirling phenomenon in platelet concentrates prepared in routine practice. Transfusion 1996;36:128-132). However, it isn’t a great method (especially in inexperienced hands). Swirling is subjective by definition, lacks sensitivity for anything other than pH (it certainly is not a reliable method to detect bacterial contamination of platelet products), and we aren’t really sure that in-vitro assessments really correlate with transfusion efficacy. At this point, no one test can answer or predict the clinical response to a platelet transfusion, but since swirling is cheap and simple to understand, most facilities still evaluate platelet products in this way.

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Written by Dr. Tuan Le in 2012; updated by Joe Chaffin in 2016

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